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August 2017

A Cornelius Moment

This month Rosa and I stepped right into Acts 10…only the location was Cusco, Peru, and the “Cornelius” of our story is José—the man who first told us of the Inca descendants on Veronica Mountain. You may recall that our ministry to the indigenous people has greatly impacted him and his family and that he wanted to host a dinner during which we could speak to his family of God’s Word. What a glorious night it was! Six of the eight family members were present (José’s father and younger brother had to work). Into very humble surroundings, amidst a simple meal of potatoes, fish, and soup, we gathered to eat and share the gospel. I spoke to them from 1 Corinthians 10 and Rosa boldly preached about salvation, the love of God, and their need to be born again. In just 20 minutes’ time they opened wide their hearts to the Lord and the entire family that had gathered there accepted CHRIST while the Holy Spirit ministered powerfully to them. With great JOY, we can announce to you that “salvation has come to that house”

!We gave them a family Bible, and Rosa continues to disciple Ruth—José’s oldest sister—via technology while we are in the States. Ruth is a hard worker who has put all her siblings through college. She is not only very smart, she is a persuasive advocate of our work. Prior to receiving Christ (before our meal with her family) Ruth had accompanied us up Veronica Mountain (also called “Abra Malaga”) for our visit with the indigenous people. There she had helped us give out sandwiches loaded with delicious meat and cheese, the cake and candies we had purchased, and drinks. We had also brought the much-needed water heater for their school so that the children can take warm showers and not have to bathe in the freezing cold river anymore. After all the gifts had been distributed and we had shared with the people, it was time for the tribal leaders to render their decision granting or denying us permission to build a chapel for them, which we had asked them last month to consider (their decision really lets us know if they want the gospel or not). All but two leaders were in favor of the chapel, but it needed to be unanimous. It seemed discouraging for a moment…until we saw Ruth’s hand go up in the air. “May I have a word, please?” she began. We were quite impressed to hear Ruth speak very wisely and persuasively about the future of the children and grandchildren represented there. She urged the leaders to think not of themselves only, but of the next generation and their need for the Word of God and the help that Rosa and I bring to them for their future. She persuaded them to reconsider the opportunity before them and render an answer at an upcoming meeting, during which she plans to be present to represent Rosa and me. WOW! God has provided for us a strong voice in her.

At the close of our time in Cusco, Ruth accompanied Julio on our airport taxi ride and I asked her if she is willing to open her home for a cell group. With a large smile, she accepted! She also asked me for permission to talk with other Inca communities that are higher up the mountain, in even greater need than the community we already visit. She wants to tell these communities about the work that Home of Refuge does, in hopes of opening a door of greater ministry for us.

Once back in Lima, we visited the orphanage and gave the monthly support to cover their utilities and Will’s college. Will needs only one and a half more years to complete his college education, a dream becoming reality because of your faithfulness and support. Thank you! You are changing this young man’s entire future!

On previous trips, I had advised the leaders at the orphanage to seek out companies who would become sponsors and help supply food to the orphanage. This month Rosa and I were greatly pleased to see that the directors had taken my advice and therefore, the pantry was already full before we arrived. This is a huge success! With this additional source of help to the orphanage, we can cover utilities and Will’s college and still have more resources to extend to the Indigenous people scattered throughout the Andes.

Our reach is expanding. Your support is going throughout the Peruvian mountains, bringing whole families to the knowledge of JESUS, and paving the way for us to see the Word of God “run swiftly and be glorified”! Each visit to Cusco unfolds new divine connections for us. We met two young men in Cusco this time who want to accompany us next month up the mountain so that they can offer free haircuts to the Incas. The haircuts are a blessing, but I am more interested in reaching those two guys for Jesus! Their barber skills and charitable hearts are just the means by which God connected us, but I believe we are going to change their LIVES with the love and message of Jesus! Will you be a vital part of helping us bring God’s kingdom to the people awaiting His Truth? We stand at the threshold of a tremendous harvest in Peru. It is an exciting time to get involved and invest in eternity!

In closing, it was our honor to have our youngest daughter Rosa (“Baby”) as well as Matt and McKayla Whynn on this trip to Peru. You guys were AWESOME and a tremendous help to us. (our heartfelt “thank you” to all three of you for your beautiful service to our Lord and to us).

In His Grace,

Tony and Rosa

Home of Refuge International



Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

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