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2015 – December

Believing for Miracles?


As we approach the Christmas season, grateful for the miraculous coming of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, I want to take a few moments to not only update you on the children at the orphanage in Peru, but to also encourage your heart and faith during this time of year when much focus is placed on “believing”.  In the weeks preceding Christmas, holiday programs and marketing of all sorts ring out with phrases like “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” or “We Believe in Santa”, while young and old alike are exhorted to muster up their faith for the season. As Christians, we understand that Christ’s virgin birth began with Mary believing the Angel’s announcement, and Christ’s life became for us the greatest invitation into faith that there ever was. I like how Daniel Darling, in his devotional published on, shares his thoughts concerning Christmas.  He writes: “Why is Christmas such a magical time of year? I think it’s because everyone is expecting a miracle at Christmas. Consider all the popular movies. Each one has a miracle as its central plot. Whether it’s a boy hoping his parents get back together, a shop-owner hoping he can keep his business running, or a town who needs a new hero to help “save Christmas.”

You might be reading this and wishing for your own miracle this Christmas. It’s probably much smaller than what makes a holiday movie. But it is no less IMG_3180important to you.

Maybe you’re hoping your prodigal comes home. Maybe you’re wishing for a job. Some are yearning for a special someone to sit next to you by the fire. Two-thousand years ago, there was a couple who hoped for their own miracle. But like many, they had long given up on this dream…” Of course, the author goes on to describe Zacharias and Elizabeth’s years of barrenness, followed by the angelic announcement that their long-awaited son would indeed be born. And they believed.

What is it that you need to renew your faith for this season? I do not know what you may be believing for, or what you may be struggling to believe for, but I do know that GOD is faithful and attentive. You can TRUST HIM completely and put ALL of your faith in His unfailing promises.  Believe…not in the “magic of the season” but in the POWER and FAITHFULNESS of your great and mighty GOD!

CENA3Updates from the Home

The children finished their school year in November and will enter their vacation season in the month of December. They are very excited for Christmas! Rosa and I will soon be traveling to the orphanage to purchase food for the children’s Christmas dinner, which will require money above and beyond the monthly amount we usually supply for their utilities and daily meals. This is perhaps the most memorable meal they will eat all year, as it provides them with special foods that they do not get at any other time. It will be a BIG dinner, complete with all of the Peruvian fixings—something that not all children in the streets of Peru will ever taste.  I truly need your help to provide this type of holiday meal. Would you be willing to send an offering to help us give the children this special experience?  We need our friends and supporters in order to make it happen. Thank you for remembering the children during this season of giving. I know that the Lord will remember your offering, too, and will convert it into eternal riches in glory. I am very happy to report that Robert is home from his second surgery at the hospital. He is doing better and we appreciate your prayers for him.

Finally, Rosa and I wish you a very joyous celebration of JESUS this December. May your hearts be overwhelmed with His goodness and may you feel DSCN0280encouraged to truly BELIEVE.


Kept by His Grace,

Tony and Rosa Rivera

Home of Refuge International, Inc.



Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

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