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January 2017


A Resolute Young Boy

It’s a noble resolution, especially for such a young boy; not a fleeting New Year’s resolution, but one that will take years to complete, provided he stays the course. This resolution comes from the heart of an 11-year-old with a vision for a better tomorrow for himself, his mother, and his siblings. And YOU are a part of helping him fulfill it.

Carl Oviedo came to the orphanage five months ago. He had previously lived in a different orphanage whose director was charged with negligence, and Carl was removed to an interim government institution till a suitable living arrangement could be found. We are the answer for this little boy, and he is doing well here in the orphanage that we support.IMG-20161020-WA0003

Carl’s mother receives no economic support from the boy’s father. With two younger boys she is also raising, the dysfunction and poverty of Carl’s family makes it impossible for his mother to offer him a good life or a bright future. He misses his mom and brothers a great deal, but Carl has asked her not to remove him from the orphanage so that he can obtain the education needed for a better tomorrow. He eagerly awaits his mother’s weekly visits, and when it is time for her to leave, Carl remembers the goal he has set before him: to get an education so that he can one day help his mother and brothers. He is a very resolute young boy.

We are thankful that Carl has adapted positively to the rules and way of life here at the orphanage. He is lively, cheerful, extroverted, polite, and respectful. Carl is healthy and a very good student. Though it is evident that he has not grown up with the affection he should have received, he is very affectionate towards others, and he makes friends very fast. Two of his favorite things to do are to play football with his friends and to ride bikes. We ask that you pray for Carl to persist in his education and to be filled with the joy of Christ’s salvation.IMG_4276

Thank you to everyone who gave above and beyond your usual offerings in order to supply food and gifts for the children in Peru this Christmas. We have already forwarded the funds you provided for the children at the orphanage so that they could have a beautiful Christmas dinner. We will travel not only to Lima this month, but also to Cuzco where we will take Christmas gifts up the mountain; these are for the other children about whom we spoke last month. We are hopeful to share the generous love of Christ as we give them these presents; soon we will know if God is opening up more doors of ministry for us in that mountainous area. Your prayers for wisdom are much appreciated.

As we begin the new year ahead of us, let us not grow weary nor set our eyes upon the temporary things that eventually fade or spoil. Let us look with great anticipation toward JESUS. He has good in store for us! May we have eyes to see His hand at work in and around us. It is going to be a great year!

Thank you very much for your love and support,

Tony and Rosa Rivera

Home of Refuge International, Inc.


Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

Ed and Mona Shirley
Mountain High Christian Center
Conifer, Co.