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2015 – June

fotos abril 053Grace and peace to you as you read this newsletter.  This month, I write to you a bit differently…a bit more straightforward about the future of the children…a bit more urgent about our situation. Why? Because I feel convinced that what I am asking of you has eternal rewards promised to you that FAR OUTWEIGH any sacrifice you might make, and because I am compelled, knowing that what I ask is not to benefit myself…but the poor and needy children of Peru whom our God is graciously enabling us to impact for His glory!  It is not my usual manner to write so directly about financial needs, but I ask that you read my words and consider deeply—prayerfully—how you are to respond. I believe that God has gone before me by already supplying for you the means to be an answer to this very newsletter.

MARZO FOTOS 203We need a large increase in offerings this month to help the orphanage with required repairs in order to pass an upcoming inspection and continue in existence! Your giving helps Home of Refuge International change destinies in Peru, one child at a time! I write candidly about this need, because it matters to several full-grown men whose destinies WERE changed—whose only home has been this orphanage and who now remain there, dedicating their lives to serve the boys who are growing up within its walls, just as the men themselves once did. And I write because this home is filled with little boys of all ages, whose only source of food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical attention is what they receive in that orphanage, which has bigger financial needs this month than what we as a ministry can supply unless our income surpasses what came in last month.

I know this orphanage’s history, its powerful and eternal impact, and the lives that have been given to see it succeed. I remember the precious, humble, old man who gave fifty years of his life to raise it up and to offer a home to boys that nobody else cared about; boys that Jesus saw, and heard, and died for so that they could have abundant life.  I know each one of these boys’ beautiful names, and I know their stories, which are not pretty. But EACH ONE of them matters.  They need us to pull together and give what God has given us the means to share. This is not the time to back down. When you give to support this orphanage, you are giving to the “least of these” and Jesus promises that He takes that personally!MARZO FOTOS 450

We need to see over $6,300 EXTRA come in (above and beyond what we cover for their food and utilities each month, which is an additional $2,300). The cost of repairs needed is as follows:

  • Septic Tank Repair, $795.00
  • Electrical Repairs on the Home, $990.00
  • Repairs to the Infrastructure of the Home, $3,200
  • Fumigation, $478.00
  • Renewal and Inspection Fees, $848.00


These are repairs and fees that they must cover in order to renew their permit as an orphanage within Peru and continue to exist serving the children. Last month, the amount of support that came in for this ministry posed some challenges for us on how to cover bare minimum costs for the month.  With such a window of opportunity before us to demonstrate our love for Christ through our generosity to the poor, we ask you to consider what you can give to help meet these urgent needs.  Your gift helps to encourage their hearts with hope and overwhelm them with comfort by coming to their aid as they face these financial battles.  Thank you for your partnership, in the Lord’s grace.

Finally, we are grateful to report what a dramatic impact this ministry has had on Robert, who is now doing much better. When I saw him on my last visit, he looked completely different than the hunchbacked boy I had visited beforehand; he now stood straight up, cleaning the windows of his room. What a massive change his surgery made in his life. He sends you all his heartfelt gratitude for your prayers and support over the last several weeks.  This is just another example of how God takes your financial gifts and converts it into hope, joy, and life-changing results for these orphans!


Thank you for giving to the children’s bright future,

Tony and Rosa Rivera

Home of Refuge International, Inc.


Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

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