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March 2017

Spreading God’s Love a Little Farther


Beautiful feet? Ours? Yes…or so Isaiah 52:7 declares: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation…” Isaiah 52:7 (NIV) To be quite honest, our feet felt more tired than beautiful after trekking around Veronica Mountain; but it was well worth the effort and investment it took to contact the precious people there. Here is how it went.

On January 19th, we made our usual visit to the orphanage in Lima, Peru that we have been supporting.

We helped them cover their monthly utilities, as we always do, and once we had ensured that they wereIMG_4776

doing well and were taken care of, we proceeded to travel by plane to Cusco, taking Juan, one of the staff directors, with us. From Cusco, we all travelled yet another 2-1/2 hours by car to reach Veronica Mountain—the same mountain we mentioned to you in our previous newsletter, and about which we had been told is home to many needy people and children. We were grateful for a good road that winds up and down this mountain where the Inca tribe lives scattered throughout the beautiful, green landscape, elevated 14,421 feet above sea level, with no electricity, cell phone service, or form of communication. They speak Spanish as well as their native tribal language called Quechua. Meandering our way up by car, we eventually pulled over after nearly an hour’s time and exited the vehicle to venture by foot towards a small group of Incas awaiting our arrival, having been told beforehand (by our driver) that we would be coming. The elevation made this travel more strenuous than Rosa had anticipated, but once she was administered additional oxygen, she eventually felt able to continue. The people waiting to meet us were very humble and receptive to us. A community of potato harvesters that dwell in little huts, these brightly-dressed people are accustomed to working hard in the “fields” on the mountain. We gave them toys and candies that made young and old alike smile. I, Tony, began to tell the audience of eager listeners all about the work that we do and how God has enabled us to help children. I told them of the orphanage in Lima that so many boys now call “home” and how it provides them with education, medical attention, food, and a chance for a hope-filled future. One of the boys listening approached Rosa while I was speaking. “Do you think a boy my age could be rescued? I am 15 and I want to learn and change my way of living so that I can help my siblings and my mother.” His name is Jeremias (“Jeremiah” in English), and he lives in a tiny hut with 8 additional siblings being raised by his mother and a step-father. His biological father died years ago. “Of course we will help you!” Rosa replied. That day, traveling with us by car up and down the mountain, whenever we would pull over to a new area, Jeremias would get out of the car, take off running by foot, and venture throughout the nearby terrain to gather the people and bring them to the roadside where we were waiting to give them gifts and candies.

When we finally wrapped up our visit and drove Jeremias back to the portion of the mountain where his hut is located, we explained that there was an open door waiting for him at the orphanage, and that if his mother would allow him to go, then he would need an ID and proper documentation in order to travel (by plane, without any parents) to Lima. We told him that once he obtained these, we would cover the airfare to get him there. We also tried to give him the needed money to cover whatever costs he would incur during the legal paperwork process. “But what if my mother doesn’t let me go…and I have this money fromIMG_4833 you…then what?” he asked us.
“Then you will keep the money anyway,” we replied.
“I don’t accept money if I don’t work for it!” Jeremias told us. Pressing the money into his hand and smiling, we assured him that with all the work he had done for us that day running throughout the mountain to gather children so that we could meet them, he had already earned the money. Jeremias began to cry, overcome with emotion. He was very grateful. We are now awaiting the results to see how the legal process is going, and we ask that you join us in praying for God to make smooth the way before Jeremias.
Before flying back to Lima, we also visited another orphanage in Cusco. This was an all-girls home (though they also have an additional home for boys). The orphanage is called “Elim”, and we gave them toys, bags of candy, and a good offering for food for the children.
We want to thank you all for making it possible for Rosa and I to be able to minister to the children in Peru. It is an honor for us, and it is a group effort that is only happening because people like you are participating in this work. We need your prayers and we feel them carrying us through while we minister. Rosa got very sick from something that she ate during the trip to Veronica Mountain. We almost had to hospitalize her, but thanks be to God for His healing power, Rosa could fly back to Lima on our scheduled flight. She has made a full recovery here in Georgia and we are planning to go back to Peru this month with a group from Colorado. Please pray for us! If we have “beautiful feet” it is because you have covered them through your prayers, made swift their journey through your giving, and joined them through your love and support as we have together carried this message of hope to the poor, the orphan, and the widow…even to those “upon the mountains” way over in Peru. Thank YOU! We deeply love and appreciate you.IMG_4853

– – – A Special Need – – –
We will return to Peru at the end of March, along with a small team from Colorado. We will visit the orphanage in Lima and supply what they are needing, and we must also continue developing the relationships we made in Cusco and Veronica Mountain; there are numbers of children there. We want to purchase fifty (or more) t-shirts to give away to the Inca girls and boys, plus food and candy to bless the Inca people. Imagine the joy when they receive those gifts! With $2,000.00 above our regular support, we can purchase what is needed. But even our regular support is lacking tremendously this month, and we do not currently have what is needed to meet the regular expenses for the Lima orphanage, let alone to extend to the Incas what is in our hearts to do. Will you help us? Do you know others who would want to sponsor the shirts or the offering for the food and candy to reach the Inca tribe in Veronica Mountain? We need those who will say, “Yes! I can be a part of making this happen. I can send extra (above regular support you may already do) to bless those children with food and clothing.” If you (or anyone you know) can help us with this need, please contact us to let us know what is in your heart to do.IMG_4791 IMG_4811

With tremendous gratitude and thanks,
Tony and Rosa Rivera
Home of Refuge International, Inc.


Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

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