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2011 – November

Joy Overflowing

My heart is very grateful for the incredible joy that Tony and I were able to bring to the children in Peru this month, thanks to your generous support. With each visit, the Lord enables us to provide the Santa Maria Orphanage with much needed food and supplies…and this month…even FUN! Not only did we stock their food pantry again, and are working on some very practical help for them (about which I will tell you later in the letter), we also paid for the installation of Direct TV for them to watch on a brand new 42 inch screen, and left them with a variety of good, clean DVD’s to watch on their new DVD player. It was amazing to see how happy this made the children—both young and old—as well as the directors themselves. They have standards/supervision in place so that this remains a blessing for all, and they are greatly looking forward to watching cartoons, sports (European Football is a favorite), and educational programming. Thank you very much for helping put some of the largest smiles on their faces that I have seen yet!

One of the children with whom I would like to acquaint you this month is Yolvi. He is 12 years old and he entered the Santa Maria Orphanage just this January. While his story might not seem too impacting to read, I want you to consider the value of this young man and how much it means to God that a difference is being made in Yolvi’s life. Consider where Yolvi’s life was headed before coming to the orphanage. With his mother at work polishing shoes during much of the day (the only form of earning money she could find), and no presence of a father in his life, Yolvi spent his days in the streets, did not attend school and was out of control during the times that he was at home. He lived in great poverty. When he arrived at the orphanage, the staff began to notice that Yolvi was a habitual liar, but through the months they have witnessed a change. He has recognized his behavior, internalized the value of being truthful, regularly attends school, and was even chosen as the delegate of his class, having demonstrated a tremendous attitude of leadership! He participates in music/song workshops and is now quite tranquil and stable, having adapted well to the family environment of the Santa Maria Orphanage. Friends, that is HUGE progress! Yolvi, like each one of us, is a work in progress, and THANK GOD that there is a place that is available to love him and offer to him the support and hope that the Santa Maria Orphanage offers. We are very grateful to continue working with such a place, that we might strengthen the hands of those doing this valuable work. Your offerings, whether small or large, are literally bringing hope to people who otherwise have no bright future. Who else is going to believe in Yolvi and have the patience and love to give of themselves for the months and years that it takes to give someone the experiential knowledge of God as a Father? We are very blessed to have a hand in this work. You—through your support and prayers—DO HAVE A HAND IN THIS WORK. Please, continue faithfully to sow into this ministry; to each life that is impacted, it means a world of difference!

As mentioned earlier, the Lord has given us the idea of how to help this orphanage in Peru in a very practical way. Tony and I want to see their economic situation improve, and we feel it is completely possible if they will utilize their biggest resource (namely, the property on which they sit) as an income-producing asset. Because they do not currently know how to do this effectively, we are in the process of assisting them in the start-up of a pig farm, which we believe will be very successful. First and foremost, however, is to build the storage necessary for all of the equipment the farm will require. Thankfully, because of your previous financial support, we already constructed in past mission trips the roofs on the existing pigpens. To adequately build the storage needed, we calculate that it will cost approximately $10,000 in US funds. For them, that sum could seem like an insurmountable mountain, but we feel confident that with your help we can raise this money and see a tremendous blessing come pouring forth in Peru! How many more “Yolvi’s” are living on the Peruvian streets—apart from the knowledge of God or of hope—in need of somewhere they can be loved and embraced for the value that they hold as one the Father loves? This orphanage will love them, will help them, will offer to them the chance to experience the heart of God…but it is WE who need to supply what this orphanage doesn’t have…the finances to ensure the Home’s continued success. I ask you to give whatever you can this month, and to sincerely ask the Lord to enable you to give beyond what would be usual for you…that we would take advantage of the opportunity God has granted us in Peru. Surely, the Son of God has an inheritance in that nation…and we are privileged to be a part of ministering to those called from among them. Thank you for caring for His heart across the nations.

With deep gratitude and joy,
Rosa Rivera
Homes of Refuge, International

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Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

Ed and Mona Shirley
Mountain High Christian Center
Conifer, Co.