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October 2017

A Harvest in Cusco

Hearts in Peru continue to swing open wide to the gospel!  We are experiencing a harvest everywhere we minister. Listen to the exciting ways that God is touching lives through the ministry of Home of Refuge.

IMG_5572 As of the writing of this newsletter, we are still in Peru and have had an incredible response to the gospel.  Upon our arrival, we first visited the orphanage in Lima, supplying them with their monthly support and securing another month of college education for Will. During that visit, we ministered to five young men who had been selected as apprentices, training to serve in the orphanage. Three of them were raised in the home themselves, while the other two came from the jungles of Iquitos, Peru. I, Tony, took time to speak earnestly with the five young men and to pray for them. They were very open to me, and I was able to lead all five to JESUS CHRIST. Praise God! Your financial and prayerful partnership with us in this ministry helped change the eternal destiny of these five young men.  Thank you for faithfully paving the way for the gospel in Peru.

Once we had ministered in the orphanage, we set our hearts toward Cuzco and the opportunities IMG_5632awaiting us. We flew there the next morning and were well-received at the airport by Ruth and Nicole (her sister), both of whom accompanied us to purchase all the gifts we wanted for our visit to Veronica Mountain the next day.  We bought boots, candy, popcorn, and juice; Ruth and Nicole took care of bagging all the candy into individual bags ready for handing out to the children.

Early the next day, we headed up Veronica Mountain, taking with us the gifts we had purchased. While we are saddened that the president of that community has chosen to reject our offer to build a church and teach them the Word of God, we wanted to still bless the precious children who were looking forward to our visit. We gave them the gifts and prayed for the people.

IMG_5656 The next morning, we went to a different community one and a half hours from Cuzco called Cardonpata. This is a suburb of the city of Pampaconga. Ruth has a contact there that has expressed interest in us building a chapel in that community and teaching the people the Word of God. We went to investigate the area and we were able to meet with half of the members of their community leaders. The president’s wife was also there, though the president himself was out of town. The people received us well and seem eager to speak with their president about the prospects of us building a chapel in their community.

Later that same day more than 20 people gathered in Ruth’s house for a Bible study Rosa was prepared to give.  Rosa and I both tag-teamed while we taught the people about salvation.  They were HUNGRY to hear God’s Word and we could see the eagerness in their eyes as they attentively listened to the message. After we had spoken, we asked who wanted to receive Jesus Christ, and ALL of those present in the Bible study raised their hands. “I have visited other churches but I have never heard the message of salvation so clearly as I did tonight.” said one of the girls who received Jesus (Nicole’s friend from her University).

IMG_5697Ruth’s father—the patriarch of their great family—who, if you recall, had not been in attendance when Jose had invited us to eat the first time in their home and share the Word of God with the family, was among the twenty-plus people who received Christ. The only family member now remaining to be saved is Juan, the other brother that was also not in attendance at the first dinner. This time around, Juan was in the kitchen preparing the food, but he could hear the message none-the-less; he is close to receiving the Lord!

Rosa laid hands on many of the people, praying and prophesying as the Holy Spirit led her. Many were touched and surprised at how God was speaking in their midst. They are all desirous to have more of the Word. Rosa plans to continue equipping Ruth and Nicole with as many teachings and Scriptural keys as she can do via technology, but one thing is very, very clear to us: these people have opened wide their hearts to the gospel and they are eager to gather as often as they can to learn about JESUS.  Please pray for them; it appears to us that God is raising up a church in Cuzco and we want to steward well these that are in need of discipleship.

Thank you again for your participation in all that we have just mentioned; it was not Rosa and I alone…it was ALL of us that God used to begin this harvest. Will you continue sowing finances and prayers so that we may continue reaping joyfully together?

We value and appreciate you!  May the Lord fill you with the knowledge of His will.


So blessed,

Tony and Rosa Rivera

Home of Refuge International, Inc.



Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

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