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2012 – July

Hungering to do His Will

In John 4:34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”  I start this month’s newsletter by praying that the will of God be done in everyone that reads this newsletter and is a part of the Home of Refuge ministry; that through giving and praying for the children we might each finish His work.  (Father, we pray in Jesus’ name that Your perfect will be done and Your purpose be accomplished in everyone reading this.  I ask for You’re healing virtue to flow to the people that are sick in body, emotions, or soul.  Let Your Kingdom be established in our hearts and let us finish the work that You have given us, that our food would be to do Your will and to please You in whatever we do. Amen!)

This month I want to tell you about one of God’s favorites—Robert.  Now fourteen years old, Robert has been at the Santa Maria Children’s Home for three years.  He has a low-level of retardation, difficulties speaking, heart problems, and is constantly grabbing his head and nose.  Robert’s parents also have the same mental deficiencies that Robert has, and once the father deserted the family, Robert’s mother found it impossible to care for Robert because she needed to go out and sell candies in order to live and eat.  Because it was a problem for Robert to be alone in his condition, the mother came to Hogar Santa Maria to ask for help.

Prior to entering the home, Robert had experienced no schooling, but has now begun developing an ability to read and participate in an educational environment, with a desire to complete all of his schoolwork.  Little by little, Robert has adapted to his new way of living at the orphanage and gets along very well with the others in the home.  The kindness he has received from his tutors and the harmonious atmosphere within the orphanage has permitted Robert to improve his relational skills, although oftentimes he still tries to isolate himself from the others.  We rejoice in full confidence that God’s plans for Robert are good; they are for a future and a hope for this young boy.  Robert is one of God’s favorites…and oh, how God has longed to communicate it to Robert through somebody.  Praise God for Hogar Santa Maria!  Please continue to help us supply them with the finances necessary to “finish God’s work and do His will.”

Tony and I will again travel to Peru this month, with a goal of providing whatever needs they may have, especially food.  Thank you for your faithful and generous support in this endeavor.  May the Father fill us each with the passion of Jesus until we, like Jesus, hunger for His kingdom and His righteousness and can say, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”


Rosa Rivera

Home of Refuge International, Inc


Tony and Rosa are very faithful, reliable, honest people.  They are the hardest workers we have ever seen; their leadership qualities have encouraged many people to help others.  Whatever Tony and Rosa decide to do, they do with excellence and perseverance. They are great people and we are privileged to know them.

Ed and Mona Shirley
Mountain High Christian Center
Conifer, Co.